Vaginal Cuff Closure after Robotic Hysterectomy

An important procedure, after a robotic hysterectomy is the vaginal cuff closure. In the following video, Dr. Coronado describes the safest way for completing a vaginal cuff closure. The video demonstrates the steps to take which include:

  • Use a longer suture
  • Use a GS-21 needle
  • Create a V-shape entry and exit on initial suture to keep the ureter out of the way and to protect it.
  • The surgeon should use plenty of tissue anteriorly and posteriorly and should also incorporate the mucosae into the stitch.
  • Dr. Coronado uses the V-technique to finish the vaginal cuff closure.
  • She then explains why surgeons should cross midline twice, to give integrity to the cuff closure and to prevent future complications.