Instructions Before, During, and After Robotic Hysterectomy Surgery:

Dr. Elizabeth Coronado discusses the instructions for before, during and after robotic hysterectomy surgery.

She walks you through the journey of the procedure discussing the surgery and robotic hysterectomy recovery tips.

In this video you will find the following:

  • Medical Definitions of A Hysterectomy
  • How to Schedule your Surgery
  • A Financial Worksheet
  • FMLA and Short Term Disability
  • Preoperative Appointment
  • Risk of Major Surgery
  • Day Before Surgery-Preparation
  • Shopping List-What to Have at Home
  • Arriving at the Hospital- Medical City Plano
  • Family and Friends Expectations
  • Optimizing Experience
  • Overnight at Hospital
  • Post-Op Day 1-At Home
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • In Case of Emergency
  • Diet and Bowel Movements
  • Physical Activity
  • Pain Management
  • Bleeding Expectations
  • Incise Care