An Overview of Pregnancy Trimesters

For nearly all women who become pregnant, the process is an awe-inspiring, life changing experience. The changes the female body goes through during the nine months of pregnancy are all simulated and designed so that the end result is a smooth delivery of a baby.  Pregnancy is divided into three separate pregnancy trimesters.  The first trimester represents the first three months from conception and is marked by the most changes, including feelings of fatigue, nausea, tender breasts, dizziness and a heightened sense of emotions.  During the second trimester, most of these symptoms taper off and the changes become more physical as a woman begins to show her growing belly.  The third and final trimester is an exciting time as a woman prepares herself for the arrival of her baby.  During each pregnancy stage, monthly doctor’s visits are necessary in order to monitor the progress of the baby’s growth, the mother’s well-being and to discuss delivery options.

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