An Overview of Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is a form of cancer where malignant cells invade and damage the tissue within the uterus. In women of childbearing age, the uterus is the organ that prepares the body for menstruation by lining the walls with blood and then releasing this blood through a woman’s monthly period. The most common type of cancer of the uterus begins in this lining and thus, uterine cancer is also referred to as endometrial cancer.   Similar to other cancers found in the reproductive system, no exact cause of uterine cancer is known; however, age and obesity, as well as women who have had endometrial hyperplasia and hormone replacement therapy stand a greater risk.  Women with uterine cancer have many treatment options including surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy—or a combination of both. The doctor can describe treatment options as well as the expected results.

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