First Gynecologic Visit and First Pelvic Exam Overview

Pelvic exams are a very important part of a woman’s gynecological health. It is very normal for a young woman to feel nervous, anxious and scared about her first gynecologic visit and first pelvic exam but almost always, those feelings go away once the first exam has been conquered. Pelvic exams are administered to help a woman protect herself against cervical and other reproductive cancers, infertility and to promote healthy pregnancy and childbirth. During a woman’s pelvic exam, her vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries will be checked.  A Pap test is usually given, as well as a breast exam, possibly a blood test and a physical examination of the pelvic area.  The good news for all young women to remember is that a pelvic exam usually only takes a few short minutes and for the most part is a moderately painless procedure that only needs to occur once per year.

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