An Overview of Sleep Problems in Women

Sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining a woman’s health—however, more than 70% of women experience sleep problems.  Pregnant women and new mothers are all at risk for a lack of sleep for obvious reasons; working moms, as well as stay-at-home moms, also lack sleep because of busy family schedules, stress and the lack of down time needed in the evening so that the body can unwind and prepare itself for sleep.  For other women, insomnia might be representing itself as a larger sleep disorder. Insomnia is most evident among peri-menopause women as well in women who are experiencing depression, anxiety, illness, women who are taking certain medications and those who have had life-changing events occur.  Medications (such as Ambien), natural remedies and supplements are options that can help, however, it is important for a woman to talk to someone to try and pinpoint why the sleep problems are occurring in the first place so that the sleep disorder can be addressed and a solution found.

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